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Amalfi Coast

The small town of Atrani is one of the towns that holds a feel of authenticity and glimpses of the the real Amalfi lifestyle.

The Amalfi Coast has many iconic towns. Amalfi with its impressive cathedral is one. And Atrani, although it is just a short distance away, has not been overcome with tourism, it retains its own character.

Atrani, a coastal fishing village with less than 1,000 people, sits between two steep cliffs. Walking, or climbing through the town means walking through tiers of small alleyways amount white-washed houses that seem to be built upon each other. It is one of the most idyllic and picturesque settings in Italy.

Pictured to the right, if my favorite balcony view. Stand outside the Collegiate Santa Maria Maddalena, you will be standing on a balcony that provides a view you will never forget.

One of the most popular is Positano. Yes it is impressive with never-ending stairs, and a well developed commercial activity. But, with all those good things come plenty of visitors. You may find the pace of tourism just a little hard to take.




Atrani is a nice, tight, town


Not a lot of big open spaces in this town. As you walk through the streets, you come to the Piazza Umberto I, and then the arches that lead out of the town centre towards the beach.

Before you pass through the arch, enjoy the piazza. Along the street is the small bar Savo. Ummm, they make a great coffee. I would head out on early photography walks from our hotel down the highway. It would always include a stop a Savo. There are the remains of the fishing life, but the boats of less dominate than now the life along the sand and water. But even with that, there is an authentic feel to the small restaurants and bars.

If you walk up through the network of stairs, you will be able to then walk to Amalfi above the cliffs and the tunnel, and come down in Amalfi mising all the road traffic.