New York

View of Manhattan skyline, with the Empire State Building, from the top of the Rockerfeller Centre.


New York

After a 25 year absence, we return to New York. We rented an apartment, with a good location.

We had a day together and then Glenn focused on the photography workshop. So for a couple of days it was to seperate vacations, however, there was always lots to talk about when we met for dinner.

For both Karen and I, it has been a very long time since we have been to New York City. We wanted to feel like we lived in New York so rather than a hotel, we rented an apartment in the Chelsea District of New York.

They say that it is always about location, location, location... and the location of this apartment was excellent. Located on West 14th there were easy connections to three different subway lines so travel was very easy.

The High-line, the old elevated railway that was made into a park just a few blocks down the street. The Chelsea Market offered loads of restaurant and food locations. One night we thought we were going to as local diner to grab a burger, and it turned out we walked into a great restaurant.

355 West 14th Street
New York

We sat at the bar the first night, we went there twice, the couple beside us said it was their favorite restaurant in New York and their tomato-basil pasta was their signature dish. Karen had it, it was.

Glenn attended a fine art architectural photography workshop for majority of the time, and Karen enjoyed the neighborhood and took in a show - The Jersey Boys.


Photography Workshop

The photography workshop was very good.

Lead by Joel Tjintjelaar, Sharon Tenenbaum and Marc Koegel and Armand this was a pretty dynamic group of photographers.

Each day there was classroom time which focused on creativity and the each of the leaders would talk about their creative process. Then armed with maps and routes to follow, wWe broke into smaller groups and head out across New York. Our location shoots included the Empire State, Flatiron, IAC, Chrysler Grace, Time Warner Centre Buildings and Grand Central Terminal. We met early one morning to catch a sunrise over Manhattan and the Manhattan Bridge, also took in the World Trade Centre and 8 Spruce Street - a impression condo tower and then in the evening went to New Jersey so that we could catch an evening sunset over Manhattan. It is always inspiring to meet other photographers, and this was an inspiring group. There were even four photographers from Vancouver. We know how to get out there!

The Jersey Boys was great, Karen wished she had book other shows to see. Getting around New York by subway is easy and when you want a cab, just get out on the street and wave that arm.