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    We will be staying at the Hotel Villa San Michele. We have been coming here for many years. This year it is a bit of a group reunion for some.
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    Oh yes, have a drink, pull out the travel journal and enjoy the Amalfi Coast
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    The Villa San Michele hangs off the rocky cliff over the sea.
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    Ancient temples in Pasteum

While in Amalfi we stayed at the Villa San Michele. We came across this charming hotel many years ago and have stayed here on a regular basis. Some years we could not get a room at the Michele and we stayed elsewhere, but it never felt the same.

For some of the week it was like being home, comfortably visiting places we have visited many times. This year this also included a day visit to the small fishing village of Cetara. Here was a town, like Minori, which has a real authentic feel. I enjoyed a morning where I took the bus to Minori and then walked back to our hotel just outside of Amalfi.

Many walks to Atrani which is one of the nicest towns on the coast. Not all involved in mass tourism. Getting to Ravello is a traffic nightmare. Even taking the bus is hectic, but once there, it is a great place. Of course we had to visit the ceramic stores and of course, dishes are coming.

Amalfi itself is are pleasurable, although on this visit, there were cruise ships which brought way too many people to this small town. Best to see the town early in the morning or in the evening after the crowds have left. I have a photo I took in the Piazza Duomo that I love, and I would like to re-shoot, but the crowds just made it impossible.

One day we took a drive to Paestum to revisit the Greek temples. Any excuse to drive the convertible down the coat! It was good to return and the temples are as impressive as hell. On the way back we drove along the coast and through Salerno. This is a place we have have to spend some time in on future trips.

We made arrangements to rent a boat and take a cruise to Capri, stop for some swims and have a very good lunch at the Ristorante Maria Grazia, located in the Marina del Cantone which is on the coast, just down from the town of Terano.



I think these guys were on this bench the last time we were in Ravello. Yes, despite the tourists, a laid back town.

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Many a morning walks with my friend Mike. One morning it was all about getting light trails.

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The small piazza in front of the Collegiata Santa Maria Maddalena offers a few of the Amalfi coast you will never forget.



This was one of the views we enjoyed everyday of the stunning Amalfi Coast.



This is one of my permanent memories views of Amalfi. The cafe just seems to be busier and busier now.

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The rocks off the Island of Capri

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Lunch at Maria Grazia

Lunch a Maria Grazia

Lunch was great, plates of antipasti came and then our individual meals. Calamari of course of me!




The three Greek temples that remain in Paestum always leave in in awe.

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A traditional fishing village with the reputation for being a gastronomic hot spot. Packed with locals for the day!