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We arranged for a private driver to take us from Vienna to Budapest with a stop in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. One of the advantages in traveling with others is that a group of four can afford arrangements that would be extremely costly for just two people.

Bratislava is a small city with several universities, museums, theaters, galleries etc. This is not a quaint backwater town. It is ranked as the 8th best city for freelancers to live in-- because of its fast Internet services and low taxes. In fact, while this is considered by some as a day-trip city, it is the third richest region in the European Union.

Our driver parked the van in a parkade and then walked with us through the city and pointing out areas of interest. I must say, the city was more scenic that I had anticipated. Tourist trap? Well no, although there are are plenty of tourists, but the city has a charm.