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Pannonhalma Arch Abbey

Pannonhalma Arch Abbey

The Pannonhalma Arch Abbey is a Benedictine Archabby, one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary. The doors date to the 13th Century. There are five sets of pillions on each site, an impressive door to the basilica. The Basilica was built during 1207 to 1243. The insides were completely ruined during the Turkish Era, and renovations took place in the 17210s.

The library is one of the sights to see. There are floor to ceiling bookcases. The collection dates back to the 11th Century. Today there are about 4,000 books in the library.

The library is important to Hungary, it includes, for example, some of the first papal documents issue by the Pope in 1102.

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From here we continued with the drive to Budapest.