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2024 - Napoli, Nola and area

Compania Region includes Napoli, Nola and other exceptional sights


We start our trip arriving in Rome and then driving to Nola, just outside of Naples. Naples, the capital of the Region is exciting and we were there last year. For this visit we will be outside of Naples and Casserta.



Nola was established by the Romans and is where Emperor Augustus died. After the Roman Empire fell there were some rough times. It was sacked a couple of times. In the 13th Century Sicily captured the town. Aside from being conquered, earthquakes damaged Nola in the 15th and 16th Centuries.

Basilica of San Felice is one of the main landmarks in Nola. It is dedicated to the town's patron saint. The basilica features an impressive Baroque façade and houses the relics of Saint Felix of Nola, a revered Christian martyr.

Nola Cathedral (Cattedrale di San Paolo): is a beautiful church located in the historic center of Nola. The cathedral dates back to the 12th century and features a mix of architectural styles, including Romanesque and Baroque elements.

Archaeological Museum houses a collection of artifacts dating back to Roman times, including pottery, sculptures, and inscriptions.

San Gennaro Martyrdom Sanctuary: This sanctuary is dedicated to Saint Januarius (San Gennaro), a beloved saint in the region. The sanctuary features a chapel containing relics and a statue of the saint.

The former convent of the Capuchins is located just outside of the centre of the city and has the remains of a church built by St. Pauilinus in the 4th century.

There are frequent trains from Nola to Napoli, tickets are as little as 5 Euros for the one hour ride.



Naples is an exciting city and I am lookin forward to returning. Beautiful architecture and an authentic feel.

When visiting Naples, don't expect manicured streets. This is a city where people live, the streets are an extension of their living rooms. The street show the wear and tear of life.

 More information and photos of Naplesd are included on summary of our 2023 visit to Naples.

Pen Stores

Casa Della Penna di Bava Vincenzo Umberto I°, 88, 80138 Napoli Italy 

Stilo & Stile
Via Bernini, 12, 80129 Napoli NA, Italy

Stilo Store
Via Toledo, 170, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

Piazza Vanvitelli, 7, 80129 Napoli NA, Italy

La Penna d'Oro
Vico Vetriera, 9, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

La Stilografica
Via Monteoliveto, 66, 80134 Napoli NA, Italy


Nuceroa Alfaterna

Located just a few kilometers southwest of our place in Nola is Nuceria Alfaterna which was an important Roman settlement founded in the 4th century BC and flourished during the Roman Empire. Some of the Roman ruins there includea:

The ancient theater is one of its most impressive remains. Built during the 1st century BC, it could accommodate thousands of spectators and was used for theatrical performances and other public events.

The forum was the center of political, social, and economic life in ancient Roman cities. While much of the forum at Nuceria Alfaterna has been excavated, some structures, such as the basilica and temples, still stand partially preserved.

There is ls remnants of the aqueduct that supplied water to the city.

Portions of the old city walls are still visible.