My Travels in Italy

Marche - Marches


Of the course of many years, Guals, Romans, church and state have all controled this Region. In the 17th Century the region was under the rule of the Popes. After Napoleon took over the country the Popes lost control of the region and it became a republic. It was later returned to the Church and in 1860 annexed to Italy during the Second War of Italian Independence.

The terrain is more rugged than Umbria or Tuscany, and the cities and towns are rich in history. But we found on our 2005 tro[ om this Region, because of the direction of the hills and mountains, travel between towns can a considerable time.

We enjoyed the interior, as away from the coast there are beautiful ancient medieval towns. A town on every hill! Along the coast, the towns are more modern.

On our 2005 visit we had the town of Montalto delle Marche, located just north of Ascoli Piceno, as our base to visit this area of the Region. Well as we found, it was a good plan, and it was not that far from Ascoli Piceno, but we did not take into account the mountains. Everything turned out to be a much longer driver than we thought. The Italian Tunnel machine had not eaten thrpugh each mountain yet.


Grattammare, Marche


Ascoli Piceno