Valletta at night, as taken from our Seliema penthouse apartment patio.
  • Valletta at night, as taken from our Seliema penthouse apartment patio.
  • Valletta
  • One of the three cities on the otherside of the Grand Harbour.
  • The houses in Valletta have a classic wooden enclosed balcony.
  • We hired a guide to take us outside of Valletta, one of the stops was in Mosta, to see the Mosta Dome. The dome is among the largest in the world.
  • We also went out to Marsaxlokk, a traditional fishing village south-east of Valletta. The colourful boats really stood out from the water.
  • Hagar Qim Temple, 3,000 BC
  • Mnajdra Temple, 3,000 BC


We flew from Naples to Catania Sicily, and from there few over to Malta. It was a long day, our flight to Catania had been delayed which would have meant we would miss the flight to Malta, by they put us on an Aitalia flight and we arrived. We have arranged for a driver to pick up us, and he took us to the apartment.

Our penthouse apartment was located in Sliema, we are right at the Sliema Ferry dock. Each morning I would get up and catch the first ferry of the day to head into the centre of Valletta for a photo shoot. The ride is about 10 minutes, the cost is 1.5 Euro. There are boats every 30 minutes.

UNESCO describes Valletta as one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world. It is amazing, it has a rich history. We loved it although the heat was hard to take. Each day the temperature would be 33 or higher, and then at night it could cool to 28 or 29. Not much play in temperatures. Also not only was it hot, but it was humid.

The historic capital city is crammed into less than one square kilometer of space. We bought the Malta Museum/Heritage Pass, but it did not get us into to a number of the sights we visited, such as St. John's Co-Catherdral or the military sites. So depending on the number of museums you plan to visit, it can be a good deal. But be prepared the pass does not get you into everything you will want to see.

We were very impressed with St. John's Co-Catherdral.

We hired a private tour guide to take us out of Valletta to some of the other sites. This was great the four of us being driver around in an air conditioned van.

Medina, number 2 of the top 10, is described as a medieval jewel. Narrow winding streets with imposing walls of noble houses was simply stunning. I need more time in this old town.

It was hot we tried to be on a boat as often as possible. In addition to the harbour cruises - there are people selling tickets everywhere, we took a one day cruise to Comino and swam in the Blue Lagoon and also at a may just off the island of Gozo.


We did not get on the island of Gozo, a half-hour boat trip, but just swam in the water.

The prehistoric temples date back to 3,600 BC. There are five temples including the freestanding temples at

We visited some of the temples, amazing structures that are still standing after 3,000 years.

Sad to say, there are no pen stores in Valletta.