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In Rome Again

We are at the point now where we schedule our visits to Rome in conjunction with a particular apartment we rent. For the six days that we were in Rome, our friends Mike & Margot Arbogast and Chris and Carmen Grant were also going to be there. So, we just had to have a dinner party.

Mike and Glenn were out every morning, and some evenings for photo shoots. There is much to photograph in Rome.

We also took in the Galleria Borghese. Hard to think with all the trips to Rome we have had, here is a gallery we had not previously visited. Stunning sculptures. Book ahead.

Of course a trip to Rome always means a trip to Novelli Pen. I shot a short video!

Six days was not enough.


Located about 20 km south east of Rome, Grottaferrata is in the Lazio Region, the province of Rome. We stayed at the Tenuta Cusmano Villa Resort.

We used our stay here as a base to travel to various sights in the area. They included the Parco Antico, which has the remains of a number of Roman acqueducts, the Baths of Caracalla in Rome as well as day in Tivoli to see the Villa D'Este and its gardens.

Then at the end of the vacation, we left Tuscany and returned to Rome for two days. We stayed at the Hotel Columbia, had lunch with our friend  Patrizia Diletti. Glenn even had to buy a second suitcase for all the new purchases!