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2023 - France in the Spring, Italy in the Fall

Italian farmhouse




A return to favorite places

Once we got over the price shock of travelling in 2023, we booked flights, car and accommodations. With the frequent trips to France and Italy, we are of course returning to areas we have previously visited. Of course within those areas there are always new experiences.


We travel to France in the spring starting with a week in Paris. From Paris we will take the TGV to Marseille. It is a quick trip, just a little over 3 hours Given the hours it takes to be in advance and work your way through airports, the train is the best option.

We will taxi from the Marseille TGV station, which is located outside of Marseille, to the Renault Service Centre, located near the Marseille Airport.

Then there is a relatively short drive, just under a one hour, to reach the town of Vedène, which is not far from Avignon. We are looking forward to returning to Vedène. We stayed there in 2022 and once again will be our base to travel around Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azure and Occtanie Regions.

At the end of our stay in Provence, we drive back to Marseille, drop off the car, and fly to Paris Charles de Gaul. We will stay the night at an airport hotel and then it is back to Canada on the Air France Paris direct to Vancouver flight.

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In the Fall we return to Italy. We fly Vancouver to Paris and then to Rome. When we land in Rome, we will stay the first night in Ladispoli, a city on the coast not far from the airport. It is a long flight and the amount of driving after we land is limited.

Then we drive up to Umbria to stay near Montefalco, returning to the beautiful house, Fonte Sala, we stayed in last year. Umbria has stunning landscapes and many interesting towns within reasonable drives.

After a week in the Montefalco area we drive up to Gubbio in the northern part of the Lazio Region. We are looking forward to returning to the Agriturismo La Panoramica Gubbio - Maison de Charme. We have stayed here a number of years ago and loved it. Located on a hill overlooking a valley, with the medieval town of Gubbio on the other side of the valley, we are secluded, yet a short drive to many locations. Panaramica, sì!.

Next we will drive to the Puglia Region on the Adriatic coast. We will stay just outside the town of Monopoli. We look forward to returning and experiencing the architecture, food, wine and scenes of this region.

The last leg of travce is to drive to Compania and stay in Napoli. The city of Napoli is a not-to-be-missed city of Italy. We want to enjoy the city and visit our friend, Salvatore Matrone at the Leonardo Pen company, located not far from Naples.

Then we drive up to Rome, drop off the care and spend the final week in a city we love.

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Some Photo Highlights

View some photo highlights of our travels through: Three Region (Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany)