Two Trips

We are enjoying the new Air France non-stop Vancouver to Paris service.

Spain and Paris

Our first trip took us to Spain with a week at the end in Paris. Flying to Madrid we picked up a car and drove through Burgos, Leon, Salamanca and then made our way to Seville, Granada and Madrid. From there we will travel back to Paris before coming home.

Campania, Apulia, Rome

In the Fall we travel to Italy. We will start in Cuma, located just north of Pozzuoli (near Naples). We can explore this area, including the islands of Procida and Ischia. Then we pop in the car and blast across to the Adriatic coast to say in Monopoli. We have enjoyed Apulia (Pulia) from previous trips, and are looking forward to getting back to this area. Then we make our way back to Rome stopping in Matera on the way.