Ouy Rome Patio

Warm inviting colours of Rome


So what could we say about Rome. We visit Rome on a regular basis. Our stays are now about just enjoying the culture, the lifestyle, the simple good food and wine. We once again rented "our" apartment. Located off the via delle Botteghe Oscure, it is just a five minute walk to the Piazza Venezia, the centre of historic Rome. Best yet, it is only a ten minute walk to Regali Novelli located on via di San Marcello, Novelli is one of the best pen stores in Italy!

This year the number of tourists in Rome really made an impact. Probably because for basically all the the trip so far we were relatively off the tourist grid. Here, well, we were at the centre of it.

Chef Andrea ConsoliThis year we arranged for a cooking class with Chef Andrea Consoli. It was great. Karen even made a short video/slide show of the event.

One day we took the speed train to Florence.