This is a return visit to Bologna. Our previous trip was in 2007 to visit the OMAS pen company. We had been in Bologna before that on one of our earlier trips to Italy. Now, it is pens again. This year we will meet with Luca Baglioni, one of the co-founders and owners of the SCRIBO pen company. SCRIBO was started by former employees of OMAS.

As with our previous trips, we are impressed with Bologna. The city has a large, historical centre and we were fortunate to have found a very good apartment a few blocks from the historic centre.


The Towers of Bologna

During the 12th & 13th century up to 180 towers were in Bologna. It is thought they were used by rich families for offensive or defensive purposes during the Investiture Controversy - the conflict between church and state. Building the towers was a considerable undertaking, about three to ten years to build a 60 m tower. During the 13th Century many of the towers were taken down, demolished or simply collapsed.

Fewer than twenty now stand including the Azzoguidi Tower, also called Altabella (61 m), the Prendiparte Tower, called Coronata (60 m), the Scappi Tower (39 m), Uguzzoni Tower (32 m), Guidozagni Tower, Galluzzi Tower, and the famous Two Towers: the Asinelli Tower (97 m) and the Garisenda Tower (48 m).

  • Trattoria Del Rosso, Via Augusto Righi 30, located in the historic center of Bologna, traditional dishes. Open seven days a week.
  • Café Pasticceria Gamberini, via Ugo Bassi 12, Closed Thursday afternoon and Sunday evenings. The oldest bakery in Bologna, great cakes.
  • Trattoria Leonida, Vicolo Alemagna 2 (close to Piazza Santo Stefano), Bolognese specialties at reasonable price
  • Ristorante Teresina, Via Oberdan 4, Excellent restaurant with fish and meat menus.
  • Enoteca Italiana, Via Marsala 2/B (corner via Malcontenti), has twice been voted best in Italy. Great for a stand up sandwich ( Pancetta with Balsamic or a Mortadella Panino) and an excellent glass of the wine of your choice.
  • Da Gianni in Via ClavatureMariposa in Via Bertiera,Meloncello in Via Sargozza.
  • Via del Pratello has lots of bars and restaurants/osterie for young people. Fantoni has checkered red and white table clothes, scribbled menus, and serves fantastic fish secondi and an excellent ragu'. 
  • Via Mascarella/Largo Respighi is another zone with a lot of Osterie.


Bologna Apartment

In Bologna we have a beautiful apartment in the central historic area of Bologna