Rome Via Alessandria

via Alessandria in Rome is especially scenic in the evening.

Rome Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia has constant activity and beautiful architecture.

Camiceria in Rome

Look past the monuments for the wonderful small family run shops.

Rome Dolce Vita

Ahh, La Dolce Vita in Roma!



We return to Rome to end the fall visit to Italy.

It is always enjoyable in Rome. We are here so often that we are well past the "must see" this or that, and we can just enjoy the fell and sights of the city. Last year I posted a comment on Instagram, asked if anyone want to meet for a photo walk... it worked out great and I saw an area of Rome that depsite the many many times in the city, I had never walked through. Looking forward to a similar adventure this year.


Rome Style

Rome Views

Rome Rione Ponte V

Rione Ponte V has a great feel to it.

Piazza del Popolo

Beautiful roof-top patio of our Rome apartment

Piazza Cavour Apartment Rome

Piazza Cavour Apartment - Oh life in Rome

Piazza Cavour Apartment