Emila-Romagna Region - Bologna

We have not been back in Bologna for a number of years, and we are looking forward to returning to this beautiful city. We plan to meet with the folks of SCRIBO Pens, a new pen company started by former employees of the legendary OMAS Pens. Glenn met with Luca Baglione last year in Rome.

Bologna, was an Etruscan centre, and then was a city under the Romans. In the Middle Ages its was a free municipality and became one of the largest European centre. It is famous for its towers, churches and what seems to be endless porticoes. It is home to the oldes university in the world, although when we were in Morocco last year, that same was said there!

In Bologna have rented an apartment in the historic centre of town. There is parking nearby, so that is handy as we will be arriving with a car, which can be a problem in some cities. The Mercato Delle Erbe is not far, and this market has both restaurants and food. Looks great.

The Bologna Herb Market was designed in 1910 by Arturo Carpi and Luigi Mellucci. It reopened in 1949, after heavy bombing during the Second World War. The Herb Market changed its appearance, adapting itself to the surrounding area.

The main entrance is from via S. Gervasio. In 2014 the Market brought together the traditional stalls with shops, restaurants, wine bars. It became a meeting point. Closed on Sundays, it is open from 7:00 until midnight, with longer hours on Friday and Saturday closing at 2:00 am | Bologna Herb Market - Via Ugo Bassi 23 - Bologna 


Bologna a city of porticoes

Bologna is a beautiful city and the streets in the historic centre are endless porticoes.