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Fall Overview


Monopoli, Puglia, Italy, mytravellinglens, Marcus Travel Journal

photo: mytravellinglens.com



Compania, Puglia, Marche, Umbria, Lazio - This is Italy

Our Fall 2024 travels take us to Italy and we will travel through the Marche, Umbria, Puglia, Compania and Lazio Regions.

Nola, Compania
Villa Siena, Caronigna, Puglia
Lavanda, Momaroccio, Marche
Montefalco, Umbria


  • We fly Vancouver to Paris, to Rome.
  • Picking up our car in Rome we travel to Compania to stay in Nola, a town that dates from the Roman Empire, located between Naples and Caserta.
  • From Compania we travel to the Puglia Region. We will be staying in Caronigna, located south of Ostuni.
  • From Puglia we next spend time in the Marche, staying in Mombaroccio, that is between the towns of Urbino and Pesaro.
  • We next travel south to return to Umbria, staying not far from Montefalco. The geography is scenic and we are well positions to travel in both Umbria and Tuscany.
  • Our last segment is to return to Lazio for some time in Rome.