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2024 - Spain

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Madrid is exciting at night and the shops selling ham sandwiches are packed!




In the Spring we travel to Spain with three segments: Madrid, and then the regions of Aragon and Catalonia. We fly KLM this year, taking a Vancouver to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Madrid route.

On most recent trip to Spain was in 2015 and we really enjoyed Madrid and are looking forward to returning. Madrid is a city to enjoy and day trips by train to other nearby locations will be easy.

At the end of the stay in Madrid we pick up our car for a three hour drive to the city of Zaragoza in the Aragon Region. Zaragoza, and the surround area look. We are already thinking we may not have planned enough time for this segment.

Then we drive from Zaragoza to the region of Catalonia. There is much to see in Catalonia, which includes the city of Barcelona. But we have been to Barcelona a number of times and we are purposefully staying away due to the record number of tourists visiting the city each year. We are heading down to a more quiet area, and staying staying in the coastal town of L'Ametlla de Mar. We have just under two weeks in this area. Good time to relax and there are many sights to see, all as day drives.

We will then travel back to Madrid, drop off the car, and take our flight back home.

Our route for Spain 2024 trip.

The map above shows the general route and area of Spain that we will be driving through.

1: Madrid

Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

Matador walks through Plaza Mayor



Plaza Mayor, is in the centre of Madrid, and at one time the centre of Old Madrid. Build in 1580-1619, it is only a few blocks from the Puerta del Sol, where we will stayed in 2015 and again thisyear. Plaza Mayor was main market of Madrid. In 1561 the city took over the plaza and Juan de Herrera, a a classical architect, remodled the plaza. Over the many years there have been numerous fires and reconstruction. A major rebuild was in 1790 when the height of the buildings was reduced from five to three stories. There are ten entrances to the Palaza. I used to collect stamps, and on Sunday and holiday mornings the Palaza hosts a stamp and coin collecting market. If we get hunry, around the corner at Arco de Cuchilleros Street is the Restaurante Botin, the oldest restaurant in the world.

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 2: Aragon

Zaragozain Aragon

 The Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Zaragosa.

Aragon has three provinces: 

  • Huesca, 
  • Zaragoza and 
  • Teruel.

 Our base for this area will be the town of Zaragoza.

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3: Catalonia


The beautiful medieval town of Montblanc in Catalonia. 

Catalonia has four provinces: 

  • Barcelona, 
  • Girona, 
  • Lleida and 
  • Tarragona.

 Our base for this area is the Tarragona Provence, in the coastal town of L'Ametlla de Mar.

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