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Fall Overview


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Marche, Umbria, Puglia, Compania, Lazio - This is Italy

Our Fall 2024 travels in Italy will take us to the Marche, Umbria, Puglia, Compania and Lazio Regions. We think these are some of the best areas of Italy. In our travels last year some areas just had too many tourists. It was to be expected in the larger centres such as Rome, but the impact of tourism was also felt in small towns. Tour groups also made visiting difficult. A case was when walkin along the enchanting small strees of Bari vecchio, there is hardly room for three or so people to walk and talk. Have a group of 30 plus people following a guide come down the street and there is no capacity.

 Just as cruise ships are being banned from some citites, I wonder is having tour groups limited to smaller sizes would make a positive difference,. This year a daily fee to visit Venice will be in place, but if you are going to go to Venice, and why not, it is an incredible city, a minor entry fee is not going to make a difference.

 We also felt having two large cities back to back last year difficult. We spent a week in Naples and then a week in Rome. This year we are splitting time in the larger cities.

It has been a couple of decades since we have travelled and stayed in the Marche Region. We are looking forward to returning and hoping the Regional will have relatively lower levels of visitors.

Puglia seemed the most unspoilt. Many of the town had touristis, but it was only in a few places that the tour groups and crowds that result made visist difficult. So wer are definetly going back to Puglia before it gets on the too heavily visited list. 

Our itineray has us arrive in Rome to pick up our car, spend the first night not far from Rome, and then head out the next day to the Marche Region. We have not been then for more than ten years and are looking forward to returnin. 

Then it will be to Umbria as there were areas we wanted to see more of. In particular the area around Montefalco which is scenic and interesting with many small towns and old castellos. 

From Umbria we will travel across to Puglia stay near Monopoli. We are being brave, even though our car was stolen last year, we are heading back. 

After Puglia we drive to Compania and say near Nola, just outside of Naples. Have to visit this area again and of course, Leonardo Officina Italiana. 

Finally we drive up to Rome. We know it will be busy but we do enjoy our friends in Rome and the city itself.